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Mitsubishi EVO IX GROUP N –performance for convincing rally victories

Mitsubishi EVO IX N4

Mitsubishi EVO IX group N is a refined version of Mitsubishi 's EVO sports series, which we often come across in domestic and foreign rally competitions - the last decade has successfully dominated as a favorite of professional rally drivers. Although the production of the Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 10 was started and then stopped, the ninth Evolution is still considered a racing classic. Its factory four-cylinder 2.0-liter turbo engine that develops a maximum of 280 hp already has good racing potential in itself. Its modified version for rally needs ranks at the top of the N group, which includes homologated adrenaline performances of compact cars whose basic models can often be seen on city roads.

2.0 Turbo
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Mitsubishi evo 9 is the result of a successful tradition of sports car design

Japanese Mitsubishi wizards can boast of having a continuity of almost sixty years in the production of sports cars. But the story of the Evolution series began two decades ago, in 1992 to be precise, when the production of the Mitsubishi Lancer officially began. The EVO 9 is the result of thirteen years of training, which enabled the launch of an advanced sports car with Mitsubishi markings. This was significantly contributed to by an earlier collaboration with Finnish automotive ace Tommi Mäkinen, which enabled significant improvements in design, aerodynamics, suspension and standard equipment, including, for example, a carbon-reinforced body. The design of the front grille helps the cooler to work better, and thus greater engine reliability. The ninth generation also introduced several performances, which, in addition to details, also differed somewhat in performance.

What are the characteristics of the EVO 9 MR performance compared to standard models?

The Mitsubishi Racing series differs the most from the rest of the EVO 9 model in the suspension, which is further lowered by 10 mm, and car-colored bumper spoilers. When it comes to performance, the Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 9 MR shows impressive results. It accelerates to 100 km / h in just 3.9 seconds, while 400 meters in 13 seconds, the best result in the history of the Evolution model so far. With a top speed of 258 km / h, it can comfortably engage in a duel with most exotic supercars. The redesign of the suspension and rear spoiler in combination with 4WD drive contributes to greater stability and traction on the road. Due to its predispositions, this is an ideal performance for modifying the Mitsubishi EVO IX into a group of N rally vehicles.

How does it feel to drive a Mitsubishi beast sports sedan?

In addition to the desirable driving characteristics, the road EVO boasts spaciousness, reduced noise levels in the interior and a fairly large luggage space, so we can consider it a user-friendly car for the passenger. As for driving from the driver's perspective, it's a real adventure - most often the driving itself occupies him so much that he doesn't even think about other elements. The Mitsubishi EVO IX Group N is dominated by sporty features, which contribute to the adrenaline-fueled driving experience. Specially designed transmission with straight teeth, so-called. dogg box system, allows you to quickly change to a higher speed without squeezing the clutch pedal, which gains time - this feature is especially useful in sharp corners.

Mitsubishi EVO IX group N allows additional adaptation to rally conditions

WRC races have their own set of rules when it comes to the technical characteristics of the car. To comply with the prescribed rules for road cars, the Mitsubishi evo 9 from group N includes typical rally modifications, such as a minimal interior with a protective cage and a fire extinguishing system. The electronic differential adjustment functions regulate the power ratio between the front and rear axles. Although the Group N ordinance is rigorous when it comes to tuning, suspension modifications are allowed. The most common choice is Reiger’s three-point adjustable suspension, which allows adjustment to driving speed before or during the race itself. With VP fuel, the EVO develops a more powerful 303 hp in this version. Finally, we have defined wheel sizes - for asphalt speeds it is 18 ", while 15" is preferred for driving on macadam.

Our team offers you a Mitsubishi Lancer EVO for rent for rally competitions

Although the EVO 9 has not been in production for some time, it can occasionally be found on sale on domestic and foreign car portals. We still warmly recommend that you contact our car rental team if you want to use EVO at rally races. We are proud owners of Mitsubishi EVO IX group N with full equipment - Brembo brakes with floating discs, Sparco racing seats with H belts, anti lag system for a quick start in all conditions and Reiger suspension. The previous owner of this vehicle was Vaclav Pech, a Czech professional rally driver. Don't forget that we are at your disposal when purchasing spare parts, which will gradually be harder to find on the free market. Maintenance is included in the price - with us you are immediately ready for the track!