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Nissan GT-R - Godzilla that unstoppably "eats" competition

Nissan GT-R

The Nissan GT-R r35 is certainly the most advanced racer from Nissan's workshop, which successfully rivals not only rivals from the land of the rising sun, but also European and American automotive exotics. The sporty pedigree of this vehicle relies on a tradition of racing car production of over half a century. The GT-R model as we know it today was introduced in the late 80's and marked a major breakthrough for Nissan at international car championships. With an acceleration of 4.4 seconds to 100, it was known as the fastest sports car in the world and reached the covers of numerous automotive magazines. He is also involved in the Fast and Furious series and in the Need for speed and GT2 driving simulations. Due to his incredible acceleration, which left other competitors significantly behind, the GT-R earned the nickname Godzilla at the Australian Touring Car Championship.

3.8 24v V6 Twin turbo
6 Speed
Sva četiri kotača
0-100km/h: 4,4 sec
Top speed
324 km/h

The tradition of the sports giant has been successfully continued with the Nissan GT-R r35

Until the advent of the new model, the Nissan GT-R r34 Skyline sovereignly ruled the throne of Japanese sports cars. The new r35 version knocked Skyline out of the name, but it continued the continuity and fully justified the status of a four-wheeled monster. Although not overly aggressive in appearance, the GT-R is a car that goes to the maximum at all levels. Considering the average weight of the vehicle, which is around 1700 kg, the new model is the heaviest in the history of the entire series. The weight itself has no effect on overall performance, as most of the mass actually falls on the ultra-powerful V6 engine. The fascinating fact is that the engines are made entirely by hand - they are exclusively in charge of five engineers from the plant in Yokohama, who at the end of the process engrave their name in the engine block. By successfully combining masterfully precise workmanship, powerful performance and a luxurious interior, Nissan has created a model that can go alongside any Italian-blooded supercar.

What are the characteristics of the Japanese "monster" in the factory version?

Instead of forcing the use of massive V8 or V10 engines, Nissan decided to push the V6 to the limit. The VR38DETT is a 3.8-liter twin-turbo, which develops a powerful 487 hp at 6400 rpm with a torque of 583Nm / 5200 rpm. The transmission is handled by a high-quality 6-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission, which ensures minimal power loss and reduced fuel consumption. The standard 4x4 drive paired with a mid-engine with the addition of a large GT-R carbon fiber rear spoiler makes it very stable to drive and at top speeds. And the speed is really impressive - it is a maximum of 324 km / h, while acceleration from 0-100 takes only 2.8 seconds.

The new Nismo has once again raised concerns about classic supercars

The GT-R has been on the market for 15 years, and Nissan has yet to decide on a platform change. So far, two redesigns have been done - the first focused more on equipment, while later there were significant interventions in the construction and power of the engine. In 2011, the exhaust system was changed, which is responsible for the boost of power at 530 hp, a stabilizer link with carbon fiber components was installed, and other novelties include LED front bumper lights, Dunlop racing tires and a USB port for connecting to a smartphone. As of 2017, the V6 engine develops 572 hp at 6,400 rpm, and the transmission, air conditioning and braking system have been further improved. After several limited performances, the Nissan GT-R Nismo was introduced last year, which is a kind of final version of the current platform. This performance boasts generous equipment such as Recaro seats and Bose sound system, and thanks to the 608 hp engine and acceleration from 0-100 km / h in 2.5 seconds, Nissan will definitely not need to rush with the launch of the new model.

The luxury interior of the GT-R is a prime example of Nissan’s meticulousness

If the exterior of the GT-R did not particularly impress you, one look at the interior will be enough to change your mind. Shell seats, leather inserts, a handful of electronics and an advanced dashboard fully justify its supercar status. The navigation system can be controlled via the touchscreen, which has been increased to 8 inches for clarity, and on-board switches can be used to store configurations. Some of the commands are also found on the sports steering wheel made of a combination of carbon fiber and leather. Despite the extremely sporty impression of the cabin, the GT-R has a very comfortable rear bench and a solid luggage space, and with the help of fuel economy mode it can be used for everyday driving.

We are proud owners of a Japanese car, which we also offer for Taxi rides

Our Nissan GT-R r35-year is 2009 with standard equipment, on which we did tuning to get the most out of the car. We upgraded the V6 turbo engine with an Alpha kit from AMS Performance, which now gives a total power of an incredible 700 hp. In order to adapt the GT-R to racing conditions as much as possible, we installed Bilstein's suspension and semi-slick track tires. To ensure dry friction, the car is equipped with auxiliary automatic transmission cooling. This complex GT-R provides a unique driving experience, with which rare sports cars can be compared. If you want to feel the excitement during its powerful acceleration, visit us at one of the upcoming car events and order your Taxi ride!