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Corporate events - automotive entertainment and a challenge for the whole team

Corporate events

Corporate events are part of our constant offer for business entities, to which we strive to provide a motorsport experience for a larger number of participants. If you are already tired of stereotyped team building workshops and you want an event with more excitement and adrenaline, our sports driving packages for business users are the perfect opportunity to realize this. With our many years of experience with car competitions, we have created a quality basis for organizing events. Our packages are not focused exclusively on driving - with our service we also want to create a memorable event and organize a number of accompanying content, which includes everything from photo and audio-video documentation of the event to catering, which is provided in all programs.

Our selected fleet is an excellent basis for team building facilities

When you want to organize corporate events, you need to make sure that you have adequate work resources at your disposal. In our case, these are sports cars, which are not only work tools but also the core of our entire offer. Our fleet includes 4 racing cars - one racing car (Peugeot 406 coupe) and 3 rally cars (Mitsubishi EVO IX N4, Peugeot 206 RC N3 and BMW E46 320 Ci). In addition to these frequently seen participants in car competitions, we also have three VIP cars, which significantly contribute to the exclusivity of our offer. The highlight of the fleet is undoubtedly the Corvette ZO6 in the redesign of TIKT Performance, which is also a favorite of visitors to motorsport events when it comes to choosing a car for VIP taxi driving.

How do we approach the organization of a corporate event package?

Our team building driver programs do not deviate significantly in content from other planned sports driving packages. When it comes to corporate events, we simply strive to maximally adapt our services to a larger number of participants or groups of business partners and associates. The contents are based on combining several elements that are represented in other packages that cover individual services. These are primarily VIP taxi rides, which are adapted to group requirements and learning a theoretical and practical introduction to sports driving, which you will master under the supervision of our instructors. We offer several standardized variants of corporate events, each of which can be customized to the wishes of the client.

VIP taxi on TrackDay can also be organized for business entities

As part of the TrackDay event, we regularly offer VIP taxi rides, which take place during race breaks. These are individual 1 on 1 rides, where the co-driver takes on the role of codriver to the driver in the race run. VIP rides evoke driving conditions at championships and provide insight into the performance of sports cars in a safe environment. From now on you have the opportunity to share this unforgettable experience with your business partners - all you need to do is pre-define the total number of participants in order to be able to organize the structure of the rides. In the business package we use 2 racing and 2 VIP cars, which allows smaller groups to take advantage of the possibility of simultaneously descending the track and thus turn a visit to TrackDay into a new team experience.

We offer a corporate RallyDay program for rally lovers.

TrackDay will allow you to peek into the world on car tracks, but also to personally experience what it is like to drive a supercar. On the other hand, RallyDay envisions a much more active role for its participants. Although you will primarily be a codriver here, he has a far more prominent role in rally driving than in racing disciplines, as a result of which you will not only be an observer, but also a planner and supervisor of the entire section. One of your tasks will be to learn how to write rally radar, which is one of the key elements of race preparation. To give you an extra challenge, the student with the best written radar will have a chance to take a prize ride. Catering is provided for the entire duration of the program - given the combination of learning and results and adrenaline and relaxation, it is an ideal package for anyone who wants to transfer the mechanisms of teamwork to a corporate event.

Off-road Day - try an authentic rally adventure experience

If you have watched motorsport events such as the Paris-Dakar Rally or the Camel Trophy with great interest and wondered what it feels like to be behind the wheelchair, this is an opportunity for you and your colleagues. As in the RallyDay package, the off-road program combines learning the basics of rally driving and VIP taxi driving with an instructor, but this time on unadulterated macadam surface. There are two rally cars available - EVO IX and BMW 320Ci, which are adapted to overcome the obstacles served by the muddy macadam. Of course, catering for rest and refreshment will not be missing in this package either. Off-road is a great themed option for all those eager for adventure, for whom this content could become the most fun team building ever.