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Karting school – the first step towards professional motoring

Karting school

Karting school is far more than just fun. Many professional drivers started their careers with karting, which also applies to our instructors. This school is a great introduction to the world of motorsport, as it offers learning all those essential elements that are covered as part of racing training with full-size sports cars. Among other things, karting allows the development of driving skills well before the age limit for driving a personal car, which means that driving talent can begin to hone at an early age. Given all the above, it is no wonder that karting races are approached with the same dose of seriousness as other disciplines intended for adult drivers. In the end, karting can be a great source of fun and relaxation for the older generations, so it is actually an activity that can be a shared pleasure for both children and parents.

How it is conceived and what can be learned in a karting school

The school is mostly adapted to the age of children from 5 to 12, which is also the main formal condition for participation. The very approach to learning to go karting can be described as a driving school on a small scale. In addition to learning to drive a kart, you go through the rules of conduct on the karting track, the role of signaling, such as flags, and finally the participants are introduced to the specific rules of the race. Proper use of protective equipment, including helmets and rib guards, is also addressed. Parental consent is required when attending the program, and participants in planned activities are always under the supervision of professional guidance.

What are the characteristics of karting tracks in relation to racetracks?

When we talk about the configuration of karting tracks, there is a basic division into those that are intended only for the karting school and those that host karting competitions. Those intended for learning are, as a rule, significantly shorter and are not subject to strict rules, while the competition ones must be homologated in accordance with the Ordinance on karting tracks issued by HAKS. Only a few karting tracks in Croatia can be officially considered competitive, such as the one in Novi Marof or the Poreč motodrome, which is also used for various events and quad rides. Both types of tracks, school and competition, must be made of asphalt and without any curves for better grip of karting vehicles.

Is every karting car a car and what are the differences in the models?

Similar to the case in the world of motoring, there are significant differences in the performance of karting vehicles. In the free sale you can find go-kart for children on pedals, which are licensed by well-known car brands, from Ferrari to Abarth. Although they offer a fairly realistic driving experience, we cannot classify them as karting cars. Vehicles used in karting schools mostly have four-stroke engines from 9 to 15 hp, one or two shell seats, a sports steering wheel, F1-style wheels and a front bumper. Although they don't look like crazy sports cars, their performance is actually amazing - the highest quality Superkart racing cars can compete with sports cars and reach an incredible 200 km / h on the open track!

How specifically did RaceTrip organize its own karting package?

Our karting learning program is organized as a one-month class, which is held on weekends, usually on Saturdays. On the same day we go through two hours of theoretical classes and two hours of driving. The school is located on the right karting track, which allows us to get as close as possible to the race format. We enroll children from 5 to 10 years old, and the number of students is limited, so we ask that interested students pre-register for participation, so that we can adequately ensure the prerequisites for the smooth conduct of classes. Upon completion of the entire planned program, participants receive a diploma from the Šamec Racing Academy, as is the case with adult packages.

RaceTrip karting school has a basis in our personal karting successes

Our offer of services is based on many years of experience and the ability to pass that experience on to new generations of sports enthusiasts. This of course also applies to karting lessons. Our main instructor, Dario Šamec, started his racing career at the age of 10 in karting races, which developed into a fruitful career in motorsport, which has lasted for 25 years. We have the knowledge and skills to further interest curious juniors in motorsport and to equip them with driving skills that will enable them to further progress. Whether you want to organize a free activity for your child in the first place, or you think that you could develop a successful competitive career, the time in our school will be interesting, instructive and also valuable for future driving experience in everyday life.