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Šamec Racing Academy –a personal approach to mastering sports driving

Šamec Racing Academy – a personal approach to mastering sports driving

Šamec Racing Academy is the first in Croatia to offer you personalized packages, with which you will be able to master the basic skills of driving car races. If you’ve been dreaming of sitting in the cab of a real race car and trying out what it feels like to drive in competitions, now’s finally your chance. Of course, this is not just a demonstration of sports driving - with our racing team, you will have the opportunity to develop comprehensive skills in several different disciplines. With a personal approach, we will help you hone your talents and put emphasis on those driving styles and disciplines to which you have the most affinity. After passing the zero point of preparation, our existing driving packages are at your disposal, and if desired, we can organize a package that will fully suit your wishes, which includes the choice of car, type of track and driving conditions.

How are our personalized racing academy packages designed?

Through the process of mastering the tracks, your progress will be constantly monitored by racing instructors - this is a 1 on 1 principle, which allows you to solve all doubts on the spot and that you are constantly guided by the correct driving techniques. As is the case with a classic driving school, here you will also have a theoretical and practical part of learning. The duration of the school in each package was calibrated to 6-8 hours of driving. The watch is designed so that the first 20 minutes are driven with an instructor, and then 3x20 minutes are driven by a student with an instructor in the passenger seat - you also have 60 minutes with a race car on a closed track. All packages include catering for the whole day, photo and video materials for souvenirs, and upon completion you will receive a diploma Šamec Racing Academy Stage 1.

What are the components of the rally school program and what options are on offer?

The rally school is one of the key elements of our offer, which we organize at the Belica karting track in Čakovec. Unlike other packages, here we have 1 hour of driving theory plus 1 hour of radar writing theory, which is a necessary part of the codriver experience for competition purposes. Our standardized package offers driving with the Peugeot 206 RC N3, a factory rally car designed for asphalt racing. Its compact size and front-wheel drive make it relatively gentle to handle. Of course, it is also possible to personalize the choice of car, so instead of front-wheel drive you can choose a 4x4 from our offer. Offroad rally school offers a choice between autocross tracks and macadam. In this situation, the BMW 320 Ci with rear-wheel drive, which has a specially adapted macadam suspension, manages best.

As part of the Grobnik Racing School, you will master the ride on the roundabout

Domestic motorsport is practically inconceivable without mentioning the Grobnik track, our first and largest racetrack. To date, the track has hosted numerous car competitions, most notably the World Motorcycle Championship. Considering the total length of the trail of 4.1 km, it is also the best training ground. Šamec Racing Academy has therefore decided to incorporate this track into its offer, thus ensuring learning in real conditions. Our Grobnik package includes driving a Peugot 406 coupe with a V6 engine and front-wheel drive - it is a car with top sports characteristics, but easily manageable even for beginners in sports driving. This car is adapted exactly to the tomb trail, so it is an ideal choice for this package.

What driving techniques do we need to master for a successful sporty ride?

Sport driving itself requires more agility and resourcefulness than city traffic, but things are much simpler once the necessary techniques are adopted and when we can use them in the right way. As part of the Šamec Racing Academy, we will go through all the techniques typical of certain disciplines. These are, for example, slow cornering and quick exit techniques, in order to maintain the optimum engine speed in corners. Rally school will also teach you how to control a car on minor grip surfaces and the technique of shortening turns or getting off the track to shorten the route, which we popularly call "hacking". But it's not all in the technique either - preparation is equally important for a professionally held rally championship, in which codriver plays an extremely important role.

Professional racing experience is the basis of the Šamec Racing Academy offer

RaceTrip already has a lot of mileage behind it - our driving instructors have mastered their craft in rally, mountain and circuit races, and we follow every relevant racing event. Our offer is the result of many years of experience behind the wheel of sports cars, which we want to pass on to all who have the ambition to get involved in motorsport. Whether it is a racing school in Grobnik or a rally school program, we always try to keep in mind that learning sports driving should be a new experience and experience, not just training. Our main instructor Dario Šamec has been involved in motoring for 25 years and has won numerous awards and participated in a number of different competitions in motor sports and karting. The experience we have will help not only to bring you closer to the high-octane world, but also to equip you with basic skills so that you can take racing more seriously.