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Peugeot 406 coupé – a French sports classic of Italian design

Peugeot 406 coupe V6

Peugeot 406 coupé is an authentic representative of an era, more precisely the 1990s, when coupé design ruled the world of motoring. Almost all reputable manufacturers, whether in the American, Japanese or European markets, had at least one coupe in their offer. In such fierce competition, it was difficult to come up with something unique, but Peugeot succeeded. They were helped in this by one of the best car design teams, the Turin-based Pininfarina. Their concept of a modern coupé car was initially offered to Italian giant Fiat, which refused to use that design. This decision certainly met with great enthusiasm in Rueil-Malmaison, as it enabled the launch of one of the most successful and impressive sports cars under the auspices of the Peugeot Group.

3.0 V6
210 KS
5 Brzina

The 406 coupe is a logical continuation of Peugeot's successful sporting history

By the time the conceptual preparations for the 406 coupé began, the brand already had a successful history in renowned racing tournaments. In fact, the Peugeot 205 rallye is one of the most successful Group N vehicles ever, thanks to a combination of a powerful atmospheric engine and light weight. The older GTI version of the same series is, say, among the most popular French sports cars. Peugeot has already had notable success with one coupe, the Peugeot 405 Turbo, which has won the Paris-Dakar race twice in a row. The 406 coupé was actually Peugeot's step into the world of supercars. Since this is a niche in which French creators did not have much experience, Italian designers were entrusted not only with design, but also with production.

The sleek Peugeot 406 coupé 3.0 V6 has great racing predispositions

The basic performance of this intriguing sports car had solid performance, but still leaned more towards the cruise-car philosophy, which is less than expected from the 137 hp offered by the petrol 2.0 16v. The Peugeot 406 coupé 3.0 V6, on the other hand, has far greater racing potential in terms of its factory parameters. The engine delivering 207 hp at 6000 rpm and a torque of 285 Nm at 3750 rpm is a very promising starting point - if we take into account the average weight of this coupe (about 1500 kg), acceleration from 0-100 km / h by 7.7 seconds and a top speed of 235 km / h are great results. The package also comes with slightly higher fuel consumption (10.4 L / 100 km), but considering the age of the model and engine power, this is not a surprising factor.

The 406 coupe is a car not only of a sporty but also of an aesthetic experience

While it is unquestionable that this car belongs to the sports series of Peugeot vehicles, its intention is not to impress with its brutal power and unruly behavior on the road, which requires a whole arsenal of driving maneuvers. The Peugeot 406 coupé 3.0 V6 pininfarina is first and foremost a representative of sporty elegance in the automotive world, which can win over almost any driver. The length of the vehicle of 4.6 meters is comparable to the limousine category, and thus the spaciousness of the rear bench is comparable. Despite the hard chassis, the soft seats provide a sense of comfort throughout the ride. The clear control panel and decent interior have kept the French "trick", and unobtrusive details such as a sports transmission and pininfarina logo remind us of the fact that this car goes beyond the dimensions of the standard Peugeot offer.

Does this French gentleman then provide a true sporting experience?

This is another car with a face and back, which handles well in everyday relations, and with a little more aggressive driving it will show more attitude. The V6 engine is relatively quiet and quiet at low revs, but when we step on the accelerator a little harder, we will hear the recognizable lion roar of Peugeot sports cars. The internal noise is very low - it will not exceed an average of 52dB when driving in the city. The 4-speed automatic transmission slides fine and the complete car is very comfortable to drive. What is certainly to be commended is its exceptionally good grip in corners, even at higher speeds. It is a car that was created for circular tracks, which is certainly one of the reasons that prompted the British Peugeot to make the coupé the car of their choice for the 2000 BTC Championship.

RaceTrip's 406 coupé is a unique multi-purpose rally car

Our Dario Šamec is the proud owner of the redesigned Peugeot 406 coupe 3.0 V6, which is assembled specifically for Grobnik. All the advantages of the production model have been fully used and further improved - the V6 engine, which by factory settings is powerful enough for a rally, can boast of a slightly higher 220 hp. Major changes include the STAC racing suspension and five-speed manual transmission, Brembo brakes and a special STW spoiler adapted for Peugeot. Designed for driving on flat asphalt surfaces, the coupé is equipped with 17 ”wheels and associated Peugeot Sport rims. Among the standard rally equipment there is also a protective cage of Pag Motorsport, racing wheels and a fire extinguishing system. If you are at the beginning of your racing adventure, this car is a great choice to learn within our sports driving academy.