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Rally/racing rent cars for competitive forms and disciplines

Rally/racing rent cars

Rent rally and racing vehicles is a fundamental need of every serious professional participant in motorsport. Although it is logical that drivers have their favorites or their "race horse", participation in competitions requires cars with different driving characteristics, which are tailored to the requirements of individual disciplines. For example, a racing car adapted to circular tracks and a rally car for macadam races differ drastically in handling. This stems from the specifications of the drive, suspension, engine and wheels, which must be homologated in accordance with specific race rules. As buying several different sports cars is often unfeasible and unprofitable, rent is proving to be not only a good alternative to buying, but also a necessity in a situation where each competition has its own set of rules. RaceTrip has made it possible to rent several top race cars, each of which is adapted not only to individual disciplines, but even to the tracks.

Which vehicles from our offer are covered through racing rent-a-car?

Cars included in the rally / racing rent service are also represented in the packages of the school of sports driving and team building. As far as the offer for track races is concerned, we can especially point out our Peugeot 406 coupe, which has been modified for circular tracks, namely for the Grobnik motor racetrack. It is a sports car in the processing of which every detail has been carefully designed in order to get the most out of competitions. If you want a race car that is immediately ready for the track, then the French coupe is a natural choice. As part of the rally car rental, the Peugeot 206 RC N3 and the BMW E46 320 Ci are available to you - these are the celebrated vehicles of the N and S groups, which have repeatedly won titles at the WRC. Our 206 is the exclusive factory model of the Peugeot Sport, while the BMW with macadam suspension is the ultimate off-road car.

Apart from cars, what is included in our rally / racing rental service?

Rally and racing rent-a-car is of course not just about renting as such, but there is much more at stake. As part of this service, you have a professional team with a guide and three mechanics who will take care of regular vehicle maintenance. And not only that, but it will accompany you to the registered competitions and allow you to focus on the most important thing - driving. The price includes car transport to the destination, with 2 tents, kitchen (catering), service truck with spare parts and tires and a rest area with a folding bed. Riding in competitions is a source of great excitement for every motorsport enthusiast, but it can also be quite physically exhausting, which is why a physiotherapist and a massage table are additionally available if you wish.

In addition to the standard rent, we offer additional options by arrangement

Not all of the above is the end of the story - depending on the complexity of the planned race and your expectations of it, we can further thicken our rental package with options. For a start, we can equip the chosen car with new tires, which, with regular maintenance, will give the impression that the car is as new as a hammer. Our racing rent-a-car includes insurance of all vehicles from our offer, but we are also able to organize personal insurance for specific events. If you have not driven a specific model of the car you want to drive in the race or you just want to get used to it before the competition, we will arrange a test drive with an automatic discount.

If you want exercise space, there is a racing track for rent

Our rental services are primarily focused on offering cars for existing races in locations throughout Croatia. However, if you want to try the adrenaline rush during sports driving, by agreement we can organize the lease of a racing track or autodrome or karting track, where you can train with a car from our fund. There are three packages of corporate events at your disposal, which can be further personalized. Each of the packages includes a theoretical introduction to sports driving with our instructor and TAXI rides. Our racing and VIP cars are available in the Track Day package, and Rally and Off-road day are oriented towards rally models of vehicles. As with racing rent-a-car, catering is provided for the entire duration of the event and is included in the package price.

We are present at all relevant Croatian motoring competitions

RaceTrip's team consists not only of motor sports enthusiasts, but also active competitors, who have participated in almost all possible motorsport championships in Croatia. We are present at all major rally and racing gatherings and actively follow events on the domestic and foreign automotive scene. Apart from our driving instructors regularly participating as competitors in championships organized by the Croatian Auto and Karting Association, including rally and mountain races and the Formula driver cup, we also participate in car races and events as a provider of rally / racing rent services. Our many years of experience give us the best insight into what is needed for successful races and good rankings from the driver's perspective.