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Taxi experience – Treat yourself to racing and rally cars

Taxi experience

Taxi experience is a unique opportunity to experience driving a race car from the passenger's perspective. The service includes a professional driver with experience in sports driving, which will allow you to discover what it feels like to be an active participant in car racing and to experience driving full-blooded racing / rally vehicles that you do not encounter on city roads. As participants in all relevant domestic automotive events, we also appear in them in the role of VIP taxi service provider. At events such as Track Day, we took a number of taxi rides, and the cars we have at our disposal allow us to cover practically all motorsport forms - from driving on circular asphalt tracks to muddy off-road macadam.

VIP taxi is designed as a real-time race simulation

Abroad, a VIP taxi that offers transport by exotic cars has already come to life - for example, in Italy you can find taxi transport by Audi R8, while Ferrari and Bugatti in Dubai are quite common taxi vehicles. In our market, VIP transport primarily refers to transfers to luxury cruisers, while top sports cars are possibly reserved for car rental services. Considering the fund of VIP cars with which we can cover transfers, our taxi experience is also suitable for slightly longer distances than a lap on the track. However, our main intention is to evoke the excitement of motorsport and allow you to experience first-hand the various formats of sports driving, which has fascinated us for decades.

What opportunities does our VIP Car Service offer and how to choose the best?

All our racing and rally vehicles, which we offer in other driving packages, are also available through the taxi experience. If you are interested in what it is like to drive a racing car in circuit disciplines, there is nothing better than our Peugeot 406 coupe, which has been refined just for such occasions. Since we also have a karting track at our disposal, you can try all the charms of rally driving with our rally cars: there are Mitsubishi EVO IX and Peugeot 206 RC from group N and BMW E46 320Ci from group S. If you are most attracted by the start at 400 meters or if you want to try a super fast road car, then we have a real treat - we are proud owners of the rare Corvette ZO6 from the TIKT Performance workshop, which with its surreal performance raises sporty driving to a new level you have never had the opportunity to experience.

Audi R8 from our offer have the potential for luxury transfers

Our VIP cars - primarily Audi's R8 is not only sports beasts, but also bring a touch of elegance to the offer. These are supercars that, in addition to their sporty character, are adorned with top design and comfort, and in comparison with racing and rally cars from the VIP taxi offer, they are also economical and flexible. One of the key elements of their success is innovation, which is also responsible for their impressive impression. The hybrid BMW is the prototype of the sports car of the future, which can be transformed even into a city car if needed. With the listed characteristics of these exotic cars, the taxi experience can become an unusual combination of VIP luxury transfers and adrenaline rides, and thus take the form of an unusual motorsport experience.

How can one participate in the taxi experience in car competitions?

RaceTrip, organized with car clubs, often offers the possibility of VIP taxi rides as part of larger competitions, such as TrackDay Novi Marof. TrackDay is an ideal opportunity for taxi rides due to a slightly more casual format of competition than, for example, rally races. The rides take place during race breaks, which leaves plenty of time to enjoy the empty track. The price of a taxi ride is 350 kuna and offers the opportunity to briefly be a codriver to drivers from our team in full protective equipment. You can pre-register for the ride at the beginning of TracDay, and you can also arrange it with our team on the spot.

Our drivers are experienced sports competitors with numerous awards

Taxi rides under our direction are based on codriving experience with our professional drivers, some of whom have been present on the Croatian car scene for more than 20 years. We tried all formats of motorsport, from karting to off-road racing. Based on our successful cooperation with the Croatian Auto-Karting Association, our team participates in automotive events as competitors, but also as rental service providers, which are intended for active sports drivers. We do not fail to follow automotive events as observers in order to keep up to date with trends in the domestic racing and rally scene. Through the taxi service, we want to further popularize motorsport and attract new fans, and racing school and potential new competitors, who will form new generations of car champions.